Crossroads Quilters

Crossroads Quilters is a group of women, most of them African Americans, who display and sell their one-of-a-kind hand-made quilts through Mississippi Cultural Crossroads in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Together they are celebrating the traditional quilting heritage of their community while creating educational and economic opportunities for its citizens.

Each quilter is a craftsperson in her own right, making the myriad decisions about material, design, color, technique, and spirit that mark each quilt as the unique product of a vision that is both individual and shared. Many quilts are wholly the work of a single craftsperson; others are collaborations among several-blocks designed and sewn by some, stripped together by another, quilted by many, bound and finished by yet another. Each is unique, yet part of a shared culture of utility, beauty, and pride in craft.

2021 Pieces & Strings Quilt Show and Contest

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